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Thursday, January 15, 2009

We recovered from the GI bug...

Well, Andrew did. On Tuesday night, I went in to check on him around midnight. He was breathing really fast so I figured he was having a nightmare or something. A little while later he woke up and I picked him up out of his crib to find him burning hot. Oh no! A fever. So I bring him by me in bed and was about to offer him some milk when he starts making noises--the kind of noises one makes before vomiting. So I ran into the bathroom with him and he threw up all over the floor. The poor thing has never vomited, so he didn't know what the heck was happening! He started crying. I called for my hubby to come in and help me, and he cleaned up the mess while I got Andrew out of his jammies (there was puke on them and they were the thick fleece ones, so I wanted to get him into something a little cooler anyway).

I cleaned him up and brought him back in the bed. He just laid there, breathing fast and his eyes kind of rolled around as he drifted back to sleep (eventually--it took about 45 minutes).

He didn't throw up anymore! I offered him boo juice whenever he woke up (but he woke up less than he normally does in a night). Mommy's magic milk is the best because it counts as a clear liquid (I had to correct a know-it-all nurse at my work who said, "that's the worst thing to give; he'll throw it all up". Nu-uh lady, breastmilk is not the same thing as cow's milk; in fact, many pediatricians agree that breastmilk is the best thing to give for a stomach flu).

Anyway, yesterday the fever persisted, but he didn't thow up anymore. Last night he was still a little warm, and he awoke probably 4 times to snack, but this morning the fever is gone.

:) I am so happy this happened BEFORE Florida rather than while we're down there--or worse, on the plane!

Send me some "STAY HEALTHY" vibes so I don't get this!


Birdee said...

Oh I hope you dont get it ~healthy vibes~
It's so sad whene there sick.

Catie said...

Lots of healthy vibes.

Stupid nurse, what does she know? Mama milk is the best thing out there for the little ones.

nancy said...

Poor baby!!! I hope it's all clear from everyone else.