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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Back from ER

I took him to walk-in last night because something just didn't seem right. The on-call doctor didn't examine him at all and simply stated, "there's a stomach bug going around and that's probably what he has". She didn't check him over or anything. I had taken him in because he had just thrown up again--a whole much of breastmilk I had just fed him. I laid him on his back to change him and he started gagging and then threw up.

Anyway, last night he dry heaved some. I got him to take a little bit more liquids and he ended up throwing up a couple hours later.

This morning he was still so lethargic--almost like he didn't care about anything. When I got ready for work in the morning, he just laid on the floor in the bathroom, where normally he will want to play with the blow dryer.

I decided to go to my mom's and get her opinion. She thought he didn't seem right either--this has been going on for way too long. We called the nurse advisor line and the RN said to bring him in to the ER.

We got there and they took us back right away. I started nursing him because that's the only thing he would take. We also got some liquids into him with a syringe, although he fought it. The doctor came and looked at him and said he's definitely dry/dehydrated, so they put in an order for IV fluids. They ended up giving him 400 CCs of fluid with electrolytes. They also drew some blood--that was the hardest part because it was hard for them to get a lot out since he was dehydrated. He was crying the whole time because they were poking him and then they had to start the IV. I nursed him on and off while the fluids went in. He ended up falling asleep.

Anyway, the bloodwork came back normal. He wasn't as dehydrated as they thought, but they said it was good that he got the fluids because it'll help him for the next couple days in case his diarrhea/vomiting continues.

Everything I have read leads me to believe this was Rotavirus. He is sleeping in my arms now, and we're glad to be home. I am so mad that the on-call doctor blew us off last night, and I think the ER staff today were mad too. They kept asking me about what happened when I came in last night. My mom came with me and I was glad she was there too.

I figured it was better to be safe than sorry, and in this case my mommy instinct was telling me that something more was wrong with Andrew.


Sarah said...

glad to hear he got some fluids in him! that alone may make him feel better.

I'd be peeved about last night too.

Catie said...

That makes me mad about the doc last night, honestly they need to listen to a mother she knows when there is something wrong with her baby. I'm glad they took you seriously today and got him some fluids. It does sound like rota to me. Give Andrew gentle hugs for me.

Rachel said...

Give the little man a big hug for me. I hope he feels better soon and I am really glad you took him in.

It does sound like rotavirus. Hailey had it for about seven days when she was a baby. The throwing up lasted about 2 days and then diarrhea... bad, bad, bad diarrhea... continued for another 4 or 5 after that. Luckily once she was done with the throwing up, she took Pedialyte fine so we didn't have to go the IV route, but I did take her in and he had me watch for signs of dehydration. Not fun!

Anonymous said...

Glad that you followed your mommy instincts!!