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Wednesday, April 1, 2009


It went great today. Andrew had so much fun with the other kids, and the daycare provider said she has never seen someone just jump right in on day one and fit in so well. She was also amazed at how much food he could put down!!! She said he was eating and then trying to tell her something, well she finally figured out he just wanted more food. Yes, apparently he eats more than any of the other kids she watches, including her own. :) She had no idea where he puts it since he's a "string bean", as she said. I agree--he is pretty long and lean!

Oh, Andrew also woke all the kids up during naptime. He woke up after 15 minutes, screaming. Yikes. Oh well. She said most all of the kids do that at some point on their first day. I don't feel too bad.

Basically, the rest of the time he was all smiles! The other kids just adored him and the feeling was mutual on his side.

He also took a liking to her husband (he works nights as an LPN; she works a combinations of days and PMs as a CNA). Apparently, when he woke up screaming, she couldn't get him to calm down, so she woke her hubby up and he was able to get him to calm down.

They played outside, Andrew played with the dogs, and they played with Play-doh and colored. Andrew hasn't colored yet because I thought he was just a little too young, but tonight we went to Target and got some of those short, fat, Crayola crayons made for 18m+. And some construction paper. And some Play-doh. We're good.

I think we'll try and take him there once a week, but probably not every week.


Rachel said...

Yay Andrew!! That is terrific.

Catie said...

Yay! Sounds like he was very happy and that's key. I didn't let Lex color until I saw that he was doing it at daycare.

Birdee said...

Yay! Sometimes it's harder on mom than it is on the child. You did great Sarah =D

Molly said...

Sounds fantastic!! Glad that he enjoyed himself!

We started coloring pretty early, and our boy really took a liking to it. He is "advanced" in his coloring, not that it matters. It's just one of his favorite thigns. Another recommendation, now that the weather is getting nice, is sidewalk chalk.

nancy said...

That's awesome. But you know, I would do it more, rather than less. I would make it at least once a week. It'll be way better for andrew. My daycare takes some drop in kids and says when they come less than once a week, everytime ends up being like their first day. I'm sure not all kids are like that, but just passing on what I've heard.

Funny - I totally wrote a huge thing about the pros of daycare just today.

Sarah said...

LOL, I think we were cross-posting our comments, Nancy! I just told you on your blog about my daycare thing. Funny!