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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This is just frustrating as hell...

Andrew was lethargic all day. His fever has been gone since Sunday, but he's just dragging and doesn't have much of an appetite. After work, he was so excited to see me and wanted to nurse for awhile, so I just let him. The doctor said breastmilk is just as gentle on the stomach as Pedialyte.

I go to change him a little while later and he throws up everywhere. I decided to take him in because he was all weak (probably due to not eating much today). I was scared about him getting dehydrated.

So, I take him to walk-in (in Pediatrics) and she really didn't say much of anything except that there's a stomach bug going around and that's probably what he has.

Um, okay. So maybe, that's all it is. I just have bad feelings about this, and it's hard to explain.

I went to change his diaper before bed and he starts gagging again, so I hold him forwards so he can throw up but all that comes out is a puddle of drool. You know that feeling when you're dry-heaving but nothing comes out? Well, that's what he was doing.

Why is this happening only when he's on his back?

Why has he been sick for so long? Most 24 hour bugs last not much longer than 24 hours.

I am really worried and scared. I pray that he is better soon. Gosh, now I'm crying. Keep us in your thoughts! Thanks...


Rachel said...

Make sure you keep a close eye on how much he pees, the texture of his saliva, and if he has tears when he cries. He could most certainly get dehydrated. Tim threw up like 15 times in 3 hours and was dehydrated from that and he's a adult, so imagine how easily a baby could get dehydrated!

If he still acts funny tonight, you might consider taking him into the ER.

Sarah said...

He had a few pee diapers today, has spit in his mouth (which is one of the things they asked me at the clinic), and Rob said he had tears today when he cried.

He just woke up crying and threw a little bit again. We even made it to the toilet!

Birdee said...

Oh hun, you in my thoughts. I hope he gets feeling better soon.