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Thursday, November 5, 2009

24 week belly pics (+ comparison to last pregnancy)

24 weeks (I look like crap in these pics because these were taken after a long day at work and oh well if I look like crap).

With shirt:

And this was me the last time around, at 24 weeks, 2 days. I think it's safe to say that I am bigger this time!


Birdee said...

I wished I looked that good when I looked like crap, your beautiful.
I think your bigger too =D (Love big bellies)
I can't believe your 24 weeks already!

Sarah said...

Oh whatever, Birdee! You are a million times prettier than me. I'm not a fan of my face or hair. Ew. Yuck. I'm having moments of wanting a complete makeover!

Jen said...

I didn't think you looked like crap at all. I think you are really pretty.

Cute baby bump too.

Kaci said...

You look great! And yeah, I'd say you're just a *little* bigger this time :)

Todd said...

You surely DON'T look like crap!!! You look really BEAUTIFUL to me and your baby belly at 24 weeks is SO APPEALING!!!!!!!!!!!!!