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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I'm back to work today

I don't feel 100% but I am much better than I was yesterday. I would much rather be at work than at home on the couch all day. I know now that I could never be a couch potato! Andrew was getting bored out of his mind, watching PBS Kids all day. There wasn't a whole lot I could do with him, but I did read a couple books. My husband took him outside for awhile and they went for a few car rides (just to the store).

Last night, for some reason, Andrew woke up at 2:00, screaming. He wasn't making any sense. I brought him in my bed and he was kicking and screaming and acting like he wanted to get out of bed and go. I believe he had a nightmare, because that's just my gut feeling. I asked him if he wanted some water and he said, "no", but when I laid back down, he screamed, "WA-WA!!!" so I went and got his cup and he didn't want any then. Rob came in and turned on the light and said, "what's wrong, buddy?" and tried to hold him, but then he just screamed for me. I held him and he fell back asleep. He's been having these episodes lately. I feel bad for him if it is nightmares. :( Anyone have any experience with this?


Rachel said...

I think it's nightmares. Must be the age because Keegan's been doing this too. One of the times, he woke up screaming like someone was hurting him, I went in to get him and he started waving his arms at me and saying "NO NO NO!!!" and backed up against the corner of his crib with this crazy wide-eyed look like he was afraid of me. I had to turn the light on to snap him out of it and then he let me pick him up. It was really creepy, poor little man. Then he clung to me like a monkey and did that hiccupy sigh thing the rest of the night. :(

I don't really think there's anything to be done about it other than comfort them. Hailey never really did this but I remember my friend's little boy went through this, but did grow out of it.

Shannon said...

I haven't had this with my son, but my daughter had a few nightmares when she was younger. She was going through laser treatments to her face so I thought it might be related to that.

She only had a few and hasn't had any since then. She would wake up crying and disoriented, but would eventually "come to".

Hopefully Andrew doesn't have any more.

Sarah said...

Thanks, guys. I do think it's nightmares. I did some research and it looks like nightmares are more likely to occur in the latter half of the night (which is when his do) whereas night terrors tend to happen not too long after they fall asleep. Either way, it's best that I just comfort him. He has had them before, so I guess there isn't a whole lot I can do for him.

Anonymous said...

Glad you are starting to feel better!

Jen said...

Glad you are starting to feel better. I hate being sick.

Sara said...

Poor guy!

When I was little I had night terrors. They were horrible. I remember waking up scared to death and yelling for my mom.

All you can do is comfort him. I sure hope this doesn't happen too often - I hate that for him!