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Friday, January 22, 2010

My husband is being a turd.

He says he's not coming with to the hospital when I go into labor, that he'd rather stay home with Andrew. I know we could find someone to watch him because, well, if I'm in labor SOMEONE will watch him!

He says it was so boring and long last time. I kind-of want him there. He says I can have my mom go instead. Okay, fine, but what if something (not like it would, but what if) happened to me? Wouldn't he want to be there?

Hopefully, he's just kidding. He has been saying this from the beginning though.


Molly said...

You might be better off, if he's not going to be helpful. If your mother would actually be better in the delivery room, why not have her instead?

I know that for me, I did prefer my husband over my mother, but that's because my husband and I have trained together and he was very clear about what I wanted and how to best help me.

If you don't feel similarly about your husband, it's nothing against him--you already know that he's a great dad but maybe this part isn't where he shines. Have someone call him when she's about to be born and save yourself the stress.

Alyssa Auch said...


Wow that really sucks. If you need the support then he should definitely be there for you. *hugs* I hope everything works out for you, either way.

Birdee said...

Ah! ::jaw drop::
My first labor was 30 hours!
My second - I had him 47 minutes after arriving at the hospital!
I hope he's kidding too; this is the birth of his daughter! How could he NOT wan't to be there?
Sometimes I just want to aske men "Oh boring eh? Would you like to do the work while I lay around on the couch, eat and sleep?"
Turd is right!

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