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Friday, January 22, 2010

My top annoyances.

Every once in awhile, I think of things that bug me and I have always thought that I should start a list. Here we go, in no particular order.

Things that annoy me:

1. People who don't push their chairs in after they get up from a table. I don't know why this bugs me, but it does. I have pushed chairs back in in the staff lounge before.

2. When people don't put a comma after a city and before the state when addressing an envelope (or in context, when writing).

3. When people say "drownded" instead of "drowned".

4. People who clip their fingernails in public. Ew!

5. Adults who constantly type like they're ten years old (i.e., "cant wait 2 B wit mah man"). This is prevalent on Facebook (thankfully, not amongst my friends, but I see comments from friends of friends on their statuses).

6. When people walk extremely slow and walk right down the middle of the aisle in the store. Move over!

7. People who lick their fingers to separate paper before handing it out.

8. people who dont use any punctuation whatsoever and seem to have no clue how and when to capitalize

9. People who complain all the time about pregnancy or their children. Be happy you're blessed!

10. People who ask you questions and then start doing something else and don't pay attention, or they start talking again -- MIL does this all the time!

11. People who turn from the driving lane or who don't move over to the side of the road before turning.

12. People who throw cigarette butts out their car windows.

13. When people talk to me with really dark sunglasses on -- I am an "eye contact" person and I have no idea where to look, so my eyes go back and forth. It drives me ntus!

14. People who mumble.

15. People with weak, soggy handshakes (this happens in my line of work, HR -- I do a lot of handshaking before and after interviews).

16. Cashiers who give you the bills first and then the change on top of the bills.

17. When the waitstaff come to your table and ask you how the food is after you have just taken a huge bite (I hate talking with food in my mouth).

18. Stuff on my hands with no sink in sight.

19. Young kids with cell phone addictions.

20. Pyramid schemes and the idiots who try to sell them.

21. Strong perfumes! This is a biggie for me -- it causes me to get bad headaches and I hate having to take pills because of someone else's seeminly unawareness of threshhold.

22. Cheap junk my MIL gives us from thrift shops (but it was only $.25)!

23. People who don't realize that "a lot" is two words.

24. People who unneccessarily use apostrophes (it's not "shirt's" when you're talking about more than one shirt -- the shirt doesn't own anything!).

25. People who are exceedingly wasteful.

26. People who say "preventative" when they really mean "preventive". "Preventive" is the verb and "preventative" is the noun.

27. People who don't understand the difference between "there", "their", and "they're".

28. People who describe someone as being "really good at computers".

29. I know someone (who shall remain nameless) who has cable internet but believes she must pay for AOL Broadband in order to get "e-mail service". She doesn't understand the free providers . . . worse yet, she is our "IT" person!

30. When you call the number on the new credit card and you get the human instead of the automated system. No, I don't want anything else!

31. When people stand by you and breathe really heavy, waiting for you to complete a task (a co-worker does this).

32. When you try on a shirt that is super cute, but the sleeves are a tad too short.

33. Ankle socks, unless they are being worn while working out.

34. Black shoes with brown pants or brown shoes with black pants.

I'm sure there are more, but this is all I can think of right now.


Rebecca said...

The one where the human answers instead of the automated system.......

I get really stabby when I get an automated system. I just want HUMANS. The voice activated ones are the worst because I have noisy kids in the background and the computer is all repeating "Did you say....." Something completely different. Yikes, I think I need a zanax now

Sarah said...

Rebekah, fair enough, but when I am just activating my new card I don't want to talk to a human and hear all about the latest and greatest. I just want to punch in a couple digits and activate my card and be done with it!

kristi said...

LOL, we are a lot alike. I hate it that my family does not push the chair in. I also hate it when my daughter puts her crap on the table instead of in her room.
I hate automated systems that take you round and round I always have to push "repeat menu" because I always have someone trying to talk to me when I am on the phone!
I hate it when people don't use their blinkers too. Drives me freakin' nuts.

Anonymous said...

USPS prefers the comma left out when formatting address. It can mess up their optical character recognition. That is why I leave them out.


Best, k.

Sarah said...

Anon: to be grammatically correct, the comma should be there in something like a letter. I didn't know that about USPS. Thanks!

Shannon said...

I found myself reading the list and nodding to myself A LOT!!!

(notice a lot was two words. I hope the extra exclamation points don't bother you) :)

Lesslie said...

I especially love 20. Had someone trying to Jam that down my throat A LOT.

I have a weak handshake and just like kind of put my hand in theirs lightly and shake a tiny bit and move away. Want to know why? because I am kind of germophobe and imagine all these nasty things/places their fingers have been, especially if it's a dude, I mean like, did he wash his hands after he peed or scratched his coin bag? KWIM? I just can't help it.

and 17, I can SO agree with. it seems that EVERY time I take a huge bite of food, someone comes and asks me how my food is. LOL

Anonymous said...

You forgot to add "When people use the word "seen" incorrectly, like "I saw that" or "I saw you" - Correctly would be "have you seen this" "I think I've seen that before".

Sometimes I forget to separate a lot. I swear I knew it was two words...but when your nursing and typing you tend to overlook those things.

And I believe "Preventative" is a real word. Or were you not arguing that fact?

Dude, I really need to learn where commas go. I have a bad habit in placing them in sentences where they do not belong. I also am still trying to figure out which of these are correct "Jes' or Jes's". I believe it's the first one, but I've noticed a lot of people using the later.

Birdee said...

LMAO - I just replied and Blogger wont' accept it, it told me that I can't use more than than 4,096 characters!
So I'll reply on my blog soon

Sarah said...

Rebecca: it's "preventive", so yes, that's what I was talking about. :) If you google it, you will see that it is commonly misspelled.

Rachel said...

Sorry, I have to argue. Preventative is an actual word. Preventative is meant to be a noun (this is a preventative for colds) and preventive is an adjective (using this is preventive care). Preventative is commonly used incorrectly, and is a more "newly" accepted word- but it IS an accepted word found in most dictionaries.

The other stuff though? Yeah, annoying. ESPECIALLY when people cut their nails in public omfg HORF!!!!

Sarah said...

Rachel: I hear you on that, but people do use it in the wrong context ALL the time -- more often than the right way.