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Thursday, December 30, 2010


My baby is 10 months old and I don't think she knows her name. This is our fault (mine, my husband's, and Andrew's) because we have referred to her since birth as Squeaky (she made little squeaky noises in the hospital and I lovingly gave her that nickname). Also, Squeaker, Squeaks, Squeakington, Squeaky McGhee, Squeaky McKitty, and Squeaky Kitchen (this last one makes me giggle because one time I asked Andrew where Squeaky was, and he said, "Squeaky Kitchen?", so the addition to the nickname came to be).

Elise is a beautiful name, and I love it! I chose it for her and it came to me, much like Andrew's did, and I knew it was THE name and there could be no other name. I really should start using it more often so that she can know that SHE is "Elise".

In the meantime, it's all just good fun and Squeaky has her whole life to learn who she is. :-)


Carrie R. said...

My husband gave our youngest the nickname "Choo Choo" and that's what we called him. All the time. I started worrying that he would never learn his name, so I started calling him by his given name, Benjamin, more often. He is 18 months now and knows all his names. Benjamin, Ben, and Choo Choo.
The good thing about babies is that they are little sponges and can pick up on things fast. She'll learn her name in no time.

BigSis said...

That's so funny. As soon as I could find out, I wanted to know if I was having a boy or girl so I wouldn't have a 5 year old still being called "The Baby"

Molly said...

My friend's daughters think that their names are Ham and Butterbean. I think they might answer to their real names, because I think I use only their real names, but that's what they call themselves.