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Monday, December 13, 2010

Got a Christmas tree!

Finally! Mr. Scrooge, who shall remain nameless, did not want to go get one for us or with us, so I took Andrew to the tree lot in town (not what I wanted to do, but I found out yesterday that the awesome Christmas tree farm is closed for the season; plus, I wouldn't be able to find my way there since it's 45 minutes away and I have no sense of direction).

We took Andrew's carseat out to make room for the tree and I put him in Elise's seat instead. We found one tree we really wanted but after I carried it over to the car and tried to slide it into the trunk, it would not fit. So I carried it back and then we picked out one that was already somewhat "wrapped" so it would fit better. I got that in and used the bungee cord to keep the trunk down and then we stopped by Menard's to get a Christmas tree stand but they were out. I texted the brother-in-law, and he does have one we can use.

It was -3 (actual temp, not including the wind chill) but I had Andrew bundled up really well and we had a lot of fun picking out the tree. They had this locked box where you put the tag and the money, so it's somewhat on the honor system, but there was a sign that said we were under camera surveillance.

The husband is griping because I didn't plan and it's less than two weeks until Christmas and I'm just now getting a tree, but hey -- I did my best. And tomorrow when we get the tree stand, I will get it in there and we will have fun decorating it. :) I will post pics when we are done.

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