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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Little Lady... a post about Elise

Elise is growing up so much! She's been speaking in full sentences for quite some time now and her speech is pretty clear. Last night I had the opportunity to go shopping with her, just the two of us (Andrew had a sleepover at Grandma's house, my mom's that is). We first went to Target to return something (a dress I bought which I liked in the dressing room but got home and tried on and it wasn't form fitting enough in the top part so it almost looked like I was wearing a sports bra or had no boobs -- and I just didn't like it). Elise got complimented when she was in the shopping cart: "She's so beautiful!" the cashier said. "Why thank you!", I replied. Of course, I know she's beautiful but I am a little biased as her mama.

Then we went to the car and I asked if she wanted to go to TJ (Maxx) and she said, "yeah!" so off we went. Elise talks in a VERY LOUD VOICE and as I was looking at the clothing on the racks, she declared, "I want boobie!" I was able to distract her enough but it was cute because she was just saying random silly stuff and laughing. I love that I can joke with her and be silly and she's almost 2.5 now so she knows "oh, Mom's being silly" or "oh, it's serious time", etc. I ended up finding a basic black knee-length skirt (I've been looking forever but couldn't find the right style for what I wanted -- either they were too short and not work approps or they came up too high and were just old lady ugly). $16.99 and it fit like a dream (I danced in the dressing room because it was as HUGE one that I could fit the shopping cart in. I had to make sure the skirt would be able to handle me and my wild moves, after all.) We laughed and then checked out.

Finally we went grocery shopping and just grabbed a few items and made our way home.

She went to bed REALLY good last night and only gave out one little cry before deciding it was in her best interest to go to sleep. She slept all night again, as she has the past several nights. I am happy that she is continuing to nurse and that I met her night needs for as long as she wanted. I could not deny her when I knew that it was a comfort for her; I also knew eventually she wouldn't feel the need to nurse at night anymore. There always comes a time when a child discovers that sleep feels good and maybe she wakes up and thinks about boobie and falls back asleep; maybe she sleeps all night long. But I am only a door away in case she should need me, if she would ever be sick.

I love my little doll!

My beautiful girl in the park Saturday night

Elise is a Daddy's girl too

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Brianne said...

Beautiful pictures, I love the light. :)

Anonymous said...

Awww, i LOVE reading this. She really IS such a beauty.