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Friday, August 24, 2012

Oh Lordy...

I am STRESSED. I have so much shit to get ready for the party tomorrow (both boys) and I really don't have much experience in this since we don't tend to have big galas for much of anything. At least it's not at my house, because that is a royal disaster. Holy wow, I'm so behind on my housekeeping it's not even funny. Or maybe it is. IDK, it just seems to get the best of me when I have no freaking time, or the time I do have, I'm so exhausted that I plant my ass on the couch and go online. Seriously, my house is a fucking disaster. Shit cluttered all over the counter in the kitchen because everytime DH goes to look for something in one of the drawers, he just takes everything out (we have 7 junk drawers -- SEVEN! I kid you not -- filled with computer stuff he'll never use again but hasn't taken the time to dispose of, various chargers [why so many?! What are they all for?], pencils, coins, rubber bands, papers, maps, old phones, screws, paperclips, installation CDs, binocculars, etc. etc.  It's very frustrating. Our bathroom sits unfinished, after he ripped the tile out of there maybe 7 months ago, intending to put down new tile + some hardwood (tile by the tub/toilet in case of water), paint that needs to go on the walls in there. Clothes freaking everywhere because my oldest changes his outfit 4 times a day and my middle is always stripping down to bare naked. The diapers I had hanging on the line yesterday got rained on last night because stupid me didn't check the forecast. Thundertorms came through at 5 am and at the time I was nursing Jameson and by the time he was done, it had already started raining. So those get an extra day outside today but I also have to wash another load and get that out there. I have four loads of regular clothing to fold and put away. I have paperwork to complete for Andrew's assessment and paperwork to complete for his school.

No time!!! Kids, love them, but hard to complete any task, so we put everything off.

Anyway, I have all this stuff to buy for the party (styrofoam plates, plastic 'silverware', chips, dips, vegetables, beans; balloons) and then tomorrow I have to go pick up the buns (we're having BBQs/Sloppy Joes; whatever you want to call them. Meat already purchased). I'd like to decorate the park shelter a bit beforehand; party starts at 4:00 but I guess there are people there at the shelter before us until 2:00. Nobody freaking RSVPs so we'll just plan on having enough for more than we think.

I have had appointments for the kids and myself lately, left and right, and so I feel like I'm always running.

My self-esteem has been down in the dumps lately for whatever reason -- I tend to just get in these moods where the stress overwhelms and I just feel moody. I haven't exercised in a month or more.

So time to focus on things. We'll get through the party, I'll get some great pictures, and life will move on. In a few weeks, Andrew starts back up with school (pre-k again for those who missed the memo), then it will be several relaxing months before the holiday season.

Breathe in, breathe out . . .

Don't get me wrong. I love my life. But I also get stressed sometimes feeling stretched too thin.


Shannon said...

Parties are stressful, but at least it's not at your house. I hate junk drawers too but they are a necessity. In our kitchen we have about five. Not necessarily junk but everyone has their own drawer and I have two. I hope your stress goes away soon.

Anonymous said...

Wow. You sound like me. LOL I've been so overwhelmed and stressed out lately. Too much to process. Ugh! I need a moment of relaxation too! Hope the party went well!

PS. Your word verifiction is too darn hard! I just did it six times (ok, now going on like eight times!!!) in a row, and it kept saying what I entered was wrong. ARGH! I hate these crooked crazy looking letters that are hard to read! LOL