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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Andrew and his "Da"

So, I don't post enough pics of Andrew and his "Da", as he calls him, but I just wanted to share one. I also would like to say that he does an incredible job with him--Andrew just adores him. My husband is the cook in the family, and he loves to prepare homemade meals for Andrew. He loves scrambled eggs and french toast the most (poet and I didn't know it). He also loves to "help" Da garden. Most of this results in Da chasing Andrew around, but eventually we hope he likes to help dig in the dirt.

I love seeing my husband kiss Andrew's cheek or head when he does something cute. He just adores his little buddy. :)

It is pretty rare to see stay-at-home dads, but it is becoming more common. I love that he has really taken on that role and grown from it, especially in the past year. The first year was definitely an adjustment.


Anonymous said...

SO sweet...especially your words to go along with it. I love seeing Stay-at-Home Dads...it definitely is a changing world! :-)

Catie said...

Yay for Daddies, sometimes we Mommies forget to give them credit.

Musical Daddy said...

Stay-at-home Dads rock hard, for sure. As I learned last year, the worst day at home with The Boy was better than the best day at work, by a long shot.

And, naptime RULES.

Sarah said...

Yep, he would defintely rather be home with Andrew than be at work, that's for sure. He was never really a full-timer, if you know what I mean. At one point, he tried working full-time and ended up getting all depressed.

nancy said...


My husband is also a fantabulous daddy. In fact, I'm sitting at home, alone, while he took all 3 kids out of town to visit his parents~!