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Friday, May 8, 2009

Weaning update!


The kid is loving the boobie right now, and is even taking in extra feedings. The very last tooth: a 2-year molar on the upper left, has been working its way in for quite awhile now. Well, it must be really bugging him right now because he was sticking his finger in his mouth the other day. He is also gnawing on stuff, and I think sucking is maybe providing some relief. Unfortunately, I am his suckie (DH has always called pacifiers "suckies"--isn't that cute?). The kid never took a paci as a baby; the only good thing is I didn't have to wean him from that. The bad thing is, I want to wean him from ME and it's my summer goal for him to be done by the time he turns 2 (which is quickly approaching--August 25th). I think I'm going to cry when he turns 2!


Molly said...

He's not 2 yet...and so what if he isn't quite done until 2 years and 1 month...

If he gets too busy to nurse, that's when he'll stop.

Jamie said...

I know exactly how you feel! Béla has drastically increased his nursings too. He turns two on July 17th.

The last shebang before the big goodbye maybe?

Anonymous said...

Oh, he looks SO little there. :-)