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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Andrew's vocabulary at 21 months. :)

Cah: Car (said with a really heavy "kkkk" sound)
Doh-uh: Lights (I have NO idea where he got this; he just made it up, but anytime we go someplace, he points up and says it really loud over and over again.
Birds-uh: Yep, he still says this one all the time. He loves for me to read his Wonder Pets book and he continuously points to the yellow duck, saying "birds-uh"
Hotd: Hot. This is said when anyone is in the bathtub or near the stove.
Brrrrr: Brrr. (Cold). This is said when something is cold or if the floors are cold in the back bedroom.
Ah lee: All clean (we say this during bathtime).
Oh no: Oh no (said with a Wisconsin/Minnesota accent--occasionally "no" sounds like "noah")
Mo: More (usually said while whining to me that he wants more mommy milk)
Two: Two (said to me after I say, "one")
Mmmmmm: Food
Nom: Food (what can I say, the kid likes to eat)
uhWaWa: Water
Outside: (Outside)
Bah: Ball
Boon: Balloon (he screams this every time we go to the grocery store because they have graduation balloons and the like out)
Eeeeeeeeeeeee: Airplane
Ooooooooooooh: Blow dryer (or vacuum cleaner). He also has a word for "blow dry", and occasionally will say it, something like "die".
Dude: Dude
Joo: juice.
Coh: Cow (sometimes sounds more like "goh")
Drew: I think he's saying Andrew, but not 100% sure
Bee: Bee (like his Bee and Me book)
Gwa or Gwana: Iguana (from one of his animals books)
Bwid: Bridge (he learned this one the other day when we were at the picnic; there's a bridge you can walk over)
No: No (again, with a Wisconsin accent). Sometimes pronounced, "Noah"
And then of course, there's "Ah-dah" and "Mom"

I'm sure I am forgetting some, but this is here for my records now.

He's also become a fan of filling in the words in books. Two of his favorite books right now are Wonder Pets and Bee and Me. In the Wonder Pets book, there is a line that says, "Look a baby kangaroo! He's lost and wants his mama too", and he knows when that "mama" comes up, so he is ready to say it before I get to that spot. In the Bee and Me book, he loves the part where the boy has to shut the window, and the bee says, "Oh no". Andrew gets a huge smile on his face, because that is one of his favorite things to say. I will move on and keep reading, and he has to turn back to see that page again. :)


Molly said...

We have some of those. It's amazing how specialized some of their vocabulary can be. I think that for my boy, "violin" was in the first 10 or 15 words.

Catie said...

Wisconsin accent! I love it!