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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

12 weeks - appointment today

I just got back. Everything is good. I got to hear the heartbeat for all of 10 seconds and he didn't tell me what the BPM was. :( He's nice, though--this is the doc I had last time, but not my primary doctor (who wasn't available for scheduling this week). The reason why I switched from this guy to her was simply because he never told me the BPM when I was pregnant with Andrew! Aren't I silly? No, but seriously, everyone else gets to know--why don't I?

Anyway, I'm still at 131, what I was last time, so my "gain" this pregnancy is -3 lbs. I'm sure I'll start picking up here soon, especially since I'm feeling better. Blood pressure was 104/60, but mine is always on the lower side of normal so yay for me! He told me I couldn't start off a pregnancy better--he said I'm "disgustingly healthy". Haha....I told him I have felt gross lately since I haven't been walking much (due to feeling sick and tired) but I hope to pick that up real soon. I feel seriously gross and out of shape, even if I haven't gained weight. I can't explain it--I just feel gross when I see my thighs and love handles (where I am starting to gain).

My big ultrasound is just six weeks away! It's scheduled for Monday, September 21st at 1:45 p.m. They do them at 18 weeks at my clinic instead of 20, so that's exciting. We will be finding out the gender again, like we did last time, so hopefully he/she cooperates! :) I don't care, honestly, either way, as long as the baby is healthy! If it's a boy, I have tons of clothes; if it's a girl, I'll have one of each!


Birdee said...

Yay for 12 weeks!! Such and awesome milestone (imo)

Bummer that Dr. wouldnt tell you the BPM, did you ask? I feel with my Dr I have to ask everything.
They weigh me and I ask "What did you write down" (Not what did it say, I can see that - I just want to know what they say - then I ask what it was last week). The do my BP, I ask "what was it?"
even my internal checks, I had to almost pry "what am I dilated too? What's my effacement and station?"
I'm beginnning to wonder if they dont tell on my internals because they dont know, they are just guessing "Yep - a little bit open .... I think....and it feels soft...no hard .... no soft..ish...". I say that because I've had such different answers with 3 different Dr's (well, one was a nurse) but I cant imagine my body going backwards from 60% to 50% to 30%, I think they just make it up as they go along.

Sarah said...

woohoo that all is sounding and looking good! :)

us midwest gals, have a hard time taking control of our healthcare the way we should! (I know you have blogged about this in the past, and the perfect example is your progesteron during this pregnancy!) anyway, your paying them and it is your health, so be sure and get the information you want and dont feel stupid asking anything!

There, that was my midwest gal peptalk! I give it to myself often. It seems like once a dr. gets to know you and see that you are demanding this informatin they are more forthcoming with it.

Interesting that the Dr. is the one that listens to the HB, the nurse does mine, and measures me too.

Elana Kahn said...

Yay for getting to 12 weeks! That's so huge!

Go check my blog, I gave you an award: http://elanasmusings.blogspot.com/2009/08/one-lovely-blog-award.html

nancy said...

hunny, don't you just ask??

But congrats on the heartbeat. It's such a beautiful sound!