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Monday, August 3, 2009


My mom just called and told me her house got struck by lightning last night. About 2 a.m., she heard a really loud noise--she said it was louder than a gunshot. She could smell something burning but couldn't figure out what the source was, because she couldn't see anything. My brother got his daughter out, and his girlfriend got the dog out (it was just pouring out, so they took the cars out of the garage and sat out there). My mom went downstairs and could hear this "whooshing" sound from behind the wall--she opened the storage room door (the storage is under the stairs) and smoke came barreling out.

She called 911 and it took them 15 minutes to get there, but they figured out what happened--the house got struck and the fire was burning between the two floors--so it was basically between the ceiling of the basement and the floor of the upstairs.

They cut a hole in her living room floor to make sure they got it all.

I guess the carbon monoxide levels were really high in the house (in the millions?) so they had to air it out.

My mom, brother, his daughter, his girlfriend, and Bailey (the dog) went over to my grandparents' house. They were alllowed back in to get some clothes, but my mom said it just reeks in there.

This just sucks! It was a great weekend--my (other) brother got married and all that, and then this. UGH. My mom has the worst luck! It had to strike her house (and apparently one other in the city).

She's just lucky she didn't lose the whole house.

Now they are going to have to replace the drywall in the basement and the carpet upstairs. What a mess! Who knows about all the belongings. I hope they aren't all ruined. :(


Birdee said...

I cannot believe that! Holy cow! How Scary!
I've always wondered where lightening hit when I see it strike low to the ground, never thought a house. I wonder how common that is. I've never heard of Lightening Insurance. Does her home owners insurance cover any of this?

Sarah said...

Thank you, Birdee. Yes, Homeowner's insurance will cover this because it's considered "an act of God".

shannon said...

That same storm rolled through our area around 10:30 last night. A home a short distance from us also got hit by lightning. Thank goodness everyone was okay!

Jen said...

Holy Cow...that sure sounds scary. I'm glad that she is ok.