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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Boat ride!

We took Andrew for his first boat ride today. He liked it! After I took him out of the car, I put his life jacket on while DH got the boat in the water. This was the part I was worried about, because in the past, he freaked when we put the life jacked on at home. But, once I got him bucked and zipped, I let him walk to the boat dock with me, and he looked a little proud of himself, to be honest! :) When we first got in the boat, he clung to me and put his head against me. I could tell he was scared. After holding my hand for a little while, he finally lightened up a little. We slowed down and drifted and watched some ducks (which we threw bread to, but they were too lazy to come by us) and some seagulls (they swooped down and were grabbing pieces of bread out of the water). Andrew was fascinated by the birds!

The first other boat we saw go by us, Andrew called an airplane. Silly boy! He sees a ton of airplanes at home since we live by the airport (a tiny municipal airport, since this isn't a big area).

Anyway, we stayed out for about an hour. At one point, Andrew started nodding off, so we went home and put him in his crib. He took a nice nap.

This is definitely something we will be doing again. We couldn't really take him as a baby since they don't really make a good "infant" life jacket, and I was just worried he would scream from having a life jacket on.

I look forward to the day when Andrew can go fishing with his daddy! ♥

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Jen said...

Sounds like you all ha a great day. There is nothing better than a nice boat ride on a nice summer day.