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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Back from the tonsil appointment!

Update: So, we went to the doctor today and he said both his tonsils and adenoids are a 3+, so he'd definitely like to take them out. BUT, he said, it's a 10 day recovery and they're pretty miserable afterwards. So, the other option is to wait another year and see where he's at. Some kids grow out of the snoring issue, and there's a possibility that in another year, he could just take the adenoids out, which is a very quick and easy recovery. So, we're going to wait. It's not like it's life-threatening--he'll just be a loud snorer.

He also said that at his age now (2), he'd have to stay overnight, because he likes to observe them when they're so young. If he was older, he'd have a same-day surgery.

I think it'll be easier (for me and him) if we wait until he's older and more mature. He can talk in complete sentences and whatnot.

Oh, and while we were in the doctor's office, Andrew banged his head on the floor a couple times because he wanted to run out of the room; he also hit at the doctor (he kind of hits at the air in front of people). Oh, and he was trying to steal sharp medical instruments off the counter. At least he's cute and the doctor said he's a typical 2 year old.


Sarah said...

did you take my kid to the dr? sounds just like what he would do. But add kicking his mom to it too. ARG!

Kaci said...

Sounds like waiting will definitely be easier on Andrew.

Thanks for the BG input!