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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Thank you for all your suggestions--I think we found the culprit.

Andrew has been eating a yogurt a day, cheese curds, and string cheese (not every day, but enough). Two of my brothers are lactose-intolerant. It's a very good possibility this is the cause of Mr. Andrew's loose stools. We're starting a dairy elimination diet to see if it helps. If it does get better, then that's probably what it is. He can get his calcium from his Gummy Vites, but this nasty peanut butter poop has got to go! He has 3-4 loads a day and his little bum is red.

I'm wondering now if his reflux he had from newborn to 7 months was maybe related to the dairy in my diet. :(

If he is; indeed, lactose intolerant, hopefully it's not a lifelong thing. I'd hate to think a kid in Wisconsin has to grow up without the wonderfulness of WI cheese curds!


Rachel said...

You know, I've been thinking about this with Keegan. Keegan's poop is solid maybe 5% of the time. It's always just... icky mooshy goo. I have a problem with lactose, so I'm thinking it's quite possible that Keegan does as well.

I just started treatments for it at my chiropractor- he does the NAET allergy treatments. I've heard really good things about it, people have had allergies and intolerances totally elimated by it so we'll see! I am not sure what age they can start it at though.

Musical Daddy said...

I feel your pain... I've been on a dairy-free and wheat-free diet for a couple of years now. It's difficult. With luck, it'll work itself through.

Catie said...

I didn't think of that and I'm freakin lactose intolerant (I take some supplement every time I have lactose and feel much better so I forget about it since it's a habit now). I hope that helps Andrew out.