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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sorry I'm so boring lately!

I guess nothing new has been going on. Andrew has been saying some cute things, including "pazzi" for pizza. We got a new oven (it's a convection oven, yay!) and the first time we used it, we made a pizza. He kept looking at it going, "pazzi? pazzi?", practically in tears because he doens't ever have the patience to wait for food.

I love our new oven. We had a gas stove before and I hated cleaning up DH's messes on and aruond the burners (you ladies with messy hubbies know what I'm referring to here), plus we are silly and wanted a black appliance to match our other kitchen appliances (like our black fridge we got 3 years ago). DH is also quite the cook and wanted a convection oven for some time. We found it at Sears (good price because it was a discontinued model)--it got great reviews. Plus, do ovens/stoves ever really break? I don't think I ever hear of people having problems with them, not like refrigerators and washing machines.

In other Andrew news, I was going pee the other day and he walks into the bathroom (because moms can't go alone) and said, "butt" as he pointed to my butt. It made me laugh. He's so cute.

Oh yeah, and he kisses my belly and calls it "baby". I KNOW he's still going to be shocked when he sees mom and dad holding an actual baby, and he'll be upset when he realizes this baby is coming home with us, but for now, I'll let him in on it easy.


Sarah said...

thanks for the update, I was going to request a post from you if there wasnt one. :)

You know how we refer to B's penis as a schmeckle, right? (I know, stupid Wisconsin thing, we cant call it a penis we have to call it a pecker, weiner, schmeckle or something else we made up). Now he is all confused because he LOVES pickles, and he calls his schmeckle a pickle too. Last night when I was going to the bathroom he was looking for my schmeckle. its too early for this!

Awesome on the new stove! And right on, I can cook a thanksgiving dinner for 20 people and not make nearly the mess DH does making a batch of cookies.

The belly kissies are awesome! B likes to softly rub my nasty looking belly button and say "ouch". very cute. He puts toys on my belly too. Your right, he is gonna he shocked when the real deal comes home, but we have to enjoy this cuteness!

Anonymous said...

OMG Your hubby leaves his mess on the gas burners too?? LOL