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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I love having my own office.

I have hardly done anything today for work. I ran the reports I have to run, but other than that, I'm slacking today. I can see out the door, so I just have to minimize whatever I'm doing in order to prepare myself if my boss should happen to walk in.

The big thing I'm doing is trying to find the Oktoberfest medallion with my mom and husband. Last year, we (my mother and I) were ONE FREAKING BLOCK AWAY from it the day before it was found. That made us want to try even harder this year. So, I'm on Google maps/satellite trying to get an idea of where it could be. I have the past four years' worth of clues printed out, to see how they played into the location of the medallion. I also have some other historical stuff printed out.

Oktoberfest is huge here. It's a week-long festival, encompassing two weekends of drunkenness. People come into town, our hotels get booked, and the local economy gets a boost. That starts next weekend (the 25th). The medallion hunt I spoke of started Monday. They put out one clue a day until the medallion is found, or until it reaches 10 clues, whichever comes earlier. The prize is $500 cash, plus all kinds of other goodies. The real treat is holding that coveted medal in your hands.

Wish us luck!


Rachel said...

Good luck! That sounds really fun. Both the medallion hunt and the drunkeness. Drunkenness. Wow. I didn't know that had 2 N's in it, thanks Firefox!

Sarah said...

good luck! hope you find it!

I slacked pretty big time on monday and tuesday, but today- stay out of my way! I keep finding I am spending too much time on my feet and then need to go do some sitting work.