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Monday, October 26, 2009

22/23 week OB appointment today

I have an appointment at 11:00 and I can barely remember what they do at these appointments! I mean I know, weigh me, listen to the heartbeat, ask if there are any concerns, etc. I can't seem to remember when they start measuring the fundal height or any of that stuff. I can't think if there's anything I need to ask.

I am so looking forward to experiencing this pregnancy with my new doctor. I loved Dr. M, my last doc--don't get me wrong, but he seemed to rush through things (i.e., would never tell me what the baby's heartbeat was at, only let me listen for 2 seconds, I would never remember questions because it always seemed like we were hurrying to the end of the appointment, etc.). I did like that he was the one who was working when I had Andrew--he was definitely great for the delivery and I felt more confident having someone I know.

I met my new doc, Dr. D when I went in at 12 weeks last pregnancy, the time I found out I had lost my baby. She was the one who did the ultrasound and follow-up appointment. She was just so nice and caring--I decided right then and there that if I was so lucky to be pregnant again, she would be my doc.

For those of you out there who have been pregnant or who are going through your pregnancy now, what were/are your doctors like? Do you like them? Do you feel as though you are on the same page when it comes to major decisions?


Birdee said...

I switched Dr's at 11-12 weeks too. My first Dr was really nice, but rushed things too and neglected me in the rush process.
When he listened to the h/b, he didnt measure bpm, he just said after 2 seconds "Sounds good" and handed me a tissue. He was very mediclized and not educated much in natural anything.
My new Dr (famale Dr which may be what helps) was definetly more on the same page as me. She listend to the h/b long enough for me to enjoy, and to get a reading, tell me the reading and tell me what she thought of the reading (which thank goodness was always good).
She has one of the lowest episodomy rates where I live. She is the one who gave me a book on natural birthing (Birthing w/o Fear I think it's called) and was all for everything on my birthing plan. She explained everything in my language and great detail. I am just so much comfortable spreading my legs for her :/ (Did I seriously just say that??) You KWIM.

Mama Bear said...

I liked my OB/GYN back in WA but he too rushed me and I always felt like I was being hurried along my way out the door. When I was pregnant didn't know what was normal or not so I read a lot and asked questions and I always felt like he blew my questions and concerns off like they were stupid. Like when I said I lost my plug, he said "that doesn't mean anything, doesnt matter." and then quickly asked "anything else? ok, great see you next week" and always explained things in medical lingo and not normal person lingo..drove me nuts!He did know his stuff and thats why I stuck with him.
My new OB/GYN is WONDERFUL. She is female and is a lot more understanding of questions and concerns. She explains things in normal person lingo and always takes her time with me. Love her and will definetly be sticking with her during out tour here in SC. :)

I'm glad you found someone that better fits your needs. Hope your appointment goes well!! Yippie!!!

nancy said...

I loved my OB. He delivered all 3 of my babies and I would have followed him anywhere! He moved between Allie's and Karl's birth and I had quite a drive - especially due to the fact I had to see him twice a week, but it was all worth it.

Instead of starting with the appointment stuff, he would sit down in the chair, put the chart down and just TALK. It was like we were friends. We just chatted, sometimes about my pregnancy, sometimes about the world's going ons. And only after that, would he pick up my chart and do the doctor things. I wish everyone had a doctor like him, he was SO awesome.

The problem with him was you'd wait sometimes 30-90 minutes to see him. I gather this was because he was like this with all of his patients, but like I said, I loved him and the wait was worth it. More than you could imagine!

I'm excited you like your new doctor.

Rachel said...

Well, not that I had much choice here- when we moved here, there was only one OB in town, who is also a GP AND ALSO head of the hospital board. And also fills in in the ER if the scheduled ER doc is out. Yeah. So anyway, it was him or go out of town and the nearest town is about 140 miles away so no. When I had Keegan, another OB doctor had moved here but since I'd already used the other dude, I just went back to him again.

ANYWAY- Dr Ingle has been practicing for longer than I have been alive. He was the only baby doctor on and off for years and years, he's delivered thousands of babies- so I do trust his knowledge. His bedside manner is not always the best, but I try to keep in mind that he does a LOT and sometimes he's stressed or preoccupied. Not that it's an excuse, but he's human and all of us get like that sometimes.

And it's funny because some days he is totally great, funny, sociable, etc. (He's our family doctor as well, so the kids and I all go to him still!)

The wait times in his office are tremendous sometimes but it's always due to things beyond his control. And people don't understand that. I feel terrible for his receptionist, there will be people up there yelling at her and I just want to tell them "Look, dumbass. If it was YOU he had to go do an emergency surgery on, you'd be glad he was THERE instead of HERE so shut up and sit down!"


Sarah said...

LOL, Rachel. I love your long comments--keep 'em coming! ♥

Sarah said...

all thru my first pregnancy I wasnt sure about my dr. And in the end it was pretty well confirmed- I should have just signed up for a c-section from about 32 weeks on.

this pregnancy I feel really good about the dr. he is very open to my questions, concerns and such. He seems to even be a bit on the crunchy side too. Unfortunately, I will deliver w/ the oncall dr, and may not get MY doctor. :(