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Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Yes, Andrew's newest habit is to dig in his diaper after he's gone number 2. Normally I'm pretty quick at catching him when he goes and changing him right away, but last night, the two of us were watching a movie together and all of a sudden I smelled poo and look over at him and he has it on both hands and is rubbing them together. I taught him a new word: "yuck"!

I hope this is just a phase. We are working on potty training but he really wants nothing to do with it. He did sit on his chair yesterday for Daddy while he was watching t.v. but nothing came out. It's a start!


Morgan Owens said...

Yuck is right! LOL! Eeewww! :)

Musical Daddy said...

It's mostly a phase. I hope you get luckier than a friend of mine, whose son enjoyed painting the walls with his home-made "paint".

Sarah said...

nasty! (but I am laughing about this post too, I am sure my time is coming). but kudoo's to you for have a boy and not needing to teach him the word YUCK until after his 2nd birthday!

Right now, the hands go into the front of the diaper to play with his "pickle". Cant wait till he plays in the poop.

Rachel said...

Haha! As Keegan says, "wuck."

Birdee said...

Awww, sounds like a 2 year old.