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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Picture post!

Just some randoms here...

My sister (left) and me...we went to my mom's house on Thursday night because she made some yummy homemade Minestrone soup. It's nice to spend some time with "just the girls" (my mom too). My sister works ALL the freaking time because she has 4 jobs, so it's rare that I get to actually see her, despite living in the same town!

I had the day off on Friday (I decided on a whim on Thursday to ask my boss if I could have off). I ran errands, picking up his birth certificate (finally--I only waited because the County has the same hours as the ones I work, so it was hard to get down there). I also opened a savings account for Andrew ($227 that he has received since he was born that has been stashed in his piggy bank). I figured he may as well earn some interest. We also stopped by Bauer's Market and Nursery (which is in my hometown) to pick up some apples, and I got Andrew a pumpkin of his own. He calls it a "kohkin"--so cute. We also have a big pumpkin on our front step that he admires.

I took this shot of him yesterday--I just told him to say "cheese" and this is the face he made! Silly guy...

When Andrew was napping earlier, I cleaned out his closet, going through the totes of baby clothes. I pulled out anything gender neutral for Baby Girl (OMG, I have a TON of white newborn onesies that look barely worn). The left side of the closet is going to be her side, for now, until we get her a dresser. So, this is my stash. I then put all the totes of boy clothes in the basement--the next person in my family who has a boy can have them then.


Sarah said...

looks like a nice weekend! :)

nancy said...

4 jobs? holy crap.

And mmmmm. Minestrone soup. I'm starving.

Cute pictures! I can't beleive you are already 20 weeks. That's INSANE.

(thank you for responding to my blog post the other day. you said some really nice things about me and I appreciate it so much.)

Sarah said...


And yes, my sis had 4 jobs. She has both school debt (5 years of college to get her teaching degree) and medical debt (because she had to go a couple years w/o medical insurance and has PTSD and clinical depression).

So she works as a substitute teacher about 3 days a week during the school year (can't find a permanent teaching job around here), at the clinic/hospital as a HUC 20 hours a week, at a group home where she stays overnight a few nights a week, and at a sub shop. She's nuts!