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Thursday, October 1, 2009

My silly boy...

He loves to pick up the computer mouse (from our back bedroom; it's attached to the big computer we don't really use too often) and he treats it like a phone.

He says, "hello? mama? hello?", and anytime I ask him who he's talking to, he says "Mama", even if I am right in front of him. Haha.

In other news, today I scored some sweet maternity clothes from craigslist! I picked up 5 tops and they are all in really nice shape. She also gave me two pairs of pants she said I could just have because someone had given them to her. $30 for everything, and most of it is Motherhood Maternity. It's all really stylish stuff I can wear to work (a few dressier tops and a couple sweaters). The weirdest thing? She asked when I was due and I told her February 24th; she said that was when her son was born (2 1/2 years ago). Weird! I feel like a freak because I think all these clothes are so cute, even if I only get to wear them for 5 months. I hopefully will be able to sell them all when I am done with them.

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Sarah said...

LOL (I really, really did!) he looks so serious talking into that mouse! Its funny he is say mama? you must call home alot during the day? Brady says "RoRo" (his auty Rochelle, he call her RoRO, and it is true, she calls us alot).

I scored BIG purchasing my materinity clothes via Ebay. All used, but great condition. When I was prego w/ B, smalls and mediums fit me.... and this PG.... well.... they must have shrunk in storage so I had to start over w/ my maternity stash. I have a ton of clothes and spent about $150 total.