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Thursday, October 28, 2010

My mom is the BEST!

Seriously. She whipped together a Halloween costume for Andrew. She picked up some fleece fabric and sewed it (sew awesome! Hah!). She put boning in the bottom so that it flares out a little. It has a hood to go over his head. She just swung by my work and dropped it off. I love my mom so much!

I will have pictures soon of my ghost and my little calf. We have a Halloween costume party at work tomorrow (which I am not dressing up for, because I don't have anything besides the slutty bunny costume I have from four years ago and it's totally not appropriate for a nursing home let alone a non-drunk environment) and the kids are going to come visit me at work tomorrow to show off their costumes. Then, we will go to my mom's on Halloween and go trick-or-treating with the kids (mine plus the 4-year-old niece).

What costume can I whip together for myself without having the supplies to do so? Any ideas? LOL . . . I've always said I am boring like a librarian, so I could just be that!

1 comment:

Jennifer Juniper said...

Can your mom adopt me??

I can't complain though since my hubbys making my costume..

I like the librarian idea.