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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday randoms

I find that I much prefer staples over paper clips, because I like how secure they feel. I find myself stapling everything at work to keep it organized and together and I actually feel a sense of uneasiness if someone hands me something with a paperclip, or God forbid, just loose! I am so Type A it's not even funny . . .

This weekend, the hubby and I watched Julie and Julia and we both really enjoyed it! I do not like to cook, while my husband does; therefore, he does most of (okay, all of) the cooking around the house. Plus, he's home and has the time to do it and really has a passion for mixing ingredients whereas I am all about the sandwich and making things that don't require measuring cups, mixers, sauteeing, stirring, or more than one bowl or pan. I really liked the dialogue of the movie and the characters were interesting. It was neat how it went back and forth between the 1940s and the present. I can't imagine living back then, and furthermore, in Paris. She was an interesting character, Julia Child -- definitely what I would call flamboyant. The present scenes took place in New York and it made me realize how it really is a different world there than here. I find it to be incredibly romantic and exciting, although I do like that here where I live, I am just a jump on the Interstate way from my work and any other store I want to go to. It's 5 minutes to basically anywhere -- maybe 10 if I go downtown. I think my life would be different if I lived somewhere else, especially if I had grown up there. My family would be different than it is now because we would be impacted by our settings. I can't imagine us anywhere but here. Do you ever think about that? Picture your mom living anywhere else and it just seems wrong? I have such a Wisconsin pride, it's not even funny. It is fun to visit other places, though. I had the same feelings about Florida when we were there in January of 2009 -- what a different world. The population is much more diverse than here, and the whole culture is just different. And they all seem oblivious to the fact that there are palm trees everywhere and they are wearing shorts in January. They are so lucky to be able to do that! I think that if a lot of them visited us during our coldest month (January), they would probably think that we are all frigging nuts -- which, I won't argue.


nancy said...

I haven't lived anywhere long enough to call "home" other than here. I've lived here for 13 years now, longer than I lived anywhere else. I went to Jr High / High school / college in Arizone, which is where I used to call home, but now I think Colorado is more home to me than there.

When I used to travel for work, I got to experience a lot of places on the east coast. Boston, Atlanta, DC, Virginia, Floride - and I thought just like you did, that these were just so different from where my home was. I fell in love with Boston though, and I would love to end up living there.

Jennifer said...

I'm a FL girl and yeah shorts in January is ok, but the summer heat is awful. We would love a little snow...just enough to play in would be nice.:P