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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Andrew in black-and-white...

You all know by now that I love take photos. Well, my new camera rocks, and lately I've been snapping shots left and right, so please bear with me as I share some new photos of my favorite subject!

Daddy and Andrew sharing an orange

Andrew fake crying. He handed me the Curious George Goes Fishing book, the one he never sits still for--not even a page--it's too long, so I put the book back down.
This is literally 2 seconds after he was "crying".

This is my very favorite. I ~love~ it!

He looks so soft and cuddly here. Another favorite.

By the way, I really hate the way Blogger arranges photos. I always have spaces where I don't want them, and when I try to get rid of those spaces, sometimes I accidentally delete pictures. Ctrl + Z is my friend.


Terry said...

your photos are amazing! Andrew is absolutely adorable :)

oh and regarding your comment, the mattress is on the lowest setting... I have no idea how she possibly could have gotten out. she hasn't done it since, though... both Terry and I vigilantly watched her to try to see her get out, but nothing *eyeroll* if she stays in there, I'm not switching to toddler bed yet!

Morgan Owens said...

I LOVE black and white pics, they look so "movie like" lol

Anonymous said...

I love black and white photos! Those all came out great!