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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Appointment update

My hubby met with the Physician's Assistant yesterday who informed him of the plan of action for his wrist surgery. They said the best way to go would be to put a metal plate and screws in there. The bad thing is, we have to wait until next Tuesday. Dr. H is a hand specialist, and although the injury is on DH's wrist, the PA said that if she had a family member needing this surgery, she wouldn't have anyone else do it but him. He is on vacation until next Tuesday, so that's the reason for the delay. However, the PA said there is a 12-15 day window after the injury to get the surgery done, so we're all good. She said they have to be careful because there's some crack on a joint and if they don't do the surgery exactly right, DH is at risk for arthritis because of something about a bone spur rubbing. I am not a medical expert, so I really don't know exactly what this means. They also said they have to rotate SOMETHING 15 degrees--DH could not remember what they had to rotate, just that something is offset. The good news is that he can have a removable splint after 3 weeks, so that will be nice. Apparently when they put a plate in, it makes it stronger and therefore easier to heal. The surgery will take approximately an hour-and-a-half, and I have taken off work that day.

Here is the CT scan of his wrist, for you medical gurus. You're looking at his arm from the side, palm down. You can see the fracture in the wrist, right before that "ball joint" thingie by the hand (I am so using improper jargon because I don't know the proper bone parts).

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