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Friday, March 27, 2009

Mr. Husband.

DH's surgery went well. The recovery has been something else.

Apparently before his surgery they gave him 5 Verseds, where they normally only give 2-3? I have no idea what that means, but from what I gather, it is a drug to relax and it is also an amnesia drug, so no wonder he has no idea what the surgeon told him after they were done. Also, they had a hard time getting him to wake up, so they sent him to recovery--he wasn't suppposed to have to do that.

Well, DH is finally feeling slightly better today. He still can't use that arm for awhile, but the pain has gone down a lot. The day of the surgery, the nerve block wore off on the way home (they told us it usually lasts up to 18 hours). We started with the Hydrocodone then, which only minimally helped. It hurt him to lie down, even on his back. He didn't sleep more than an hour that night and had to be in a sitting position with pillows propped up in front of him.

Wednesday was hardly better. He spent the entire day on the couch. I took an early lunch to run home and change Andrew's diaper, and when I returned to work I called my mother-in-law to see if she could go over to the house for a few hours (she doesn't work and really never has anything going on during the day, unless you count going to Goodwill and resale shops "something going on"). I cannot just keep taking off work; my boss really needs me here. So, this is a small favor, considering she lives 5 minutes away, but I digress...

Yesterday, I dropped Andrew of at MIL's house before work so DH could spend most of the day resting. He e-mailed me in the afternoon and told me things were much better, so today, he is going to try taking care of Andrew. He'll call me if he needs me to take an early lunch (diaper change) and he can always call his mother if he needs her to run over and help--she said she had nothing going on today.

I have a feeling when I get home from work Andrew is going to be naked. :) That's DH's way of dealing with diaper changes in this tough time. Oh well, we have wood floors and ceramic tile, so it is easily cleaned up. He can clean something up with his left arm better than he can attempt to put a diaper back on, unless Mr. Squirmybug happens to be still--then it's a lot easier.

Oh, it's my mom's birthday tomorrow--she turns 49. I have to figure out a gift, and am thinking of a gift certificate for an hour massage. She needs that so bad. We are all going out to eat tonight at Friday's, if everything goes according to plan (sometimes in our family, something will be all set up to go and then plans change, which I hate).

Oh, and before we go out to eat, I am going to stop by a co-worker's house. She runs a part-time as-needed daycare out of her home (for example, my other co-worker takes her son, who is Andrew's age, there just on Mondays). We are thinking 2-3 times a month of taking Andrew there so he can interact with other children.

Sorry this was so long, and I hope I didn't put you to sleep. Happy Friday!


Catie said...

Generally when they give that much versed he's really nervous, blood pressure is up higher than expected. Did they do general anesthesia with him?

That sounds like a great idea sending Andrew to daycare for a few days a month. Lex goes usually 3 days a week and he loves it. He has a little girl that is just in love with him and I think it'll help when we have another baby because he does spend time with babies as young as a month old.

Sarah said...

that makes sense. A co-worker said maybe he flipped out, but his BP tends to run high, and before he even got back there it was 140/70 ish. I'm sure once he got in the OR, it spiked even more. He was pretty nervous.

I hope he didn't spaz out during the surgery! OMG.

No, they didn't do general anesthesia. They first put the block in his arm and let that kick in for an hour, then they did the Versed. They said the recovery could start sooner without general anesthesia.

Rachel said...

Naturally, I think you should get your mom a Scentsy warmer. ;) Just kiddin', a massage is an awesome gift! That was one of the things on my birthday wish list. (I didn't get it though!)

I am glad Rob is feeling a little better. Poor dude. That is weird they gave him so much of that drug. He must have been twitching around or something during the surgery.

I've been thinking about sending my youngins to daycare a couple days a week too. They could use the socialization I think. They love going to the gym daycare.

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear hubby is doing better! I'm sorry he had to go through all this (and all those pain killers oy!).

Molly said...

As long as he's naked anyway, why not try some early potty training? The potty training in 3 days method centers around naked baby and not leaving the house.

Good luck!

Sarah said...

Molly, I actually have the potty chair set up in the bathroom! I was hoping we could start some potty training, but Andrew cried when I set him on it. Do you have any ideas on how to get him to understand what to do on it?

Right now, it's so hard because with one arm, Rob doesn't have a lot of control over Andrew. He can set him on the potty, sort-of, but Andrew is so squirmy....

Birdee said...

I'm glad your DH is doing better.

I cant believe your mom is 49 - She's only 12 years older than me.
The gift certificate (I think) is a wonderful idea.
I'm always telling people that I'd like one for my birthday or christmas and nobody ever gets me one.
Have a fun night =D

Rachel said...

I've got the 3 day potty training method saved somewhere on my computer as a .pdf, I can send it to you if you want. It worked with Hailey... we'll see with Keegan!