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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Winter, walks, dragons, photo challenges, and cameras

This winter has been so dreary. So dreary that I've been really bad at taking walks outdoors. From November until now, I've probably only taken 7 walks outside. I'm embarrassed because there was a time that I was taking 4 mile walks 3-4 days a week! I want to get back there, but I really need nice weather. Just so you don't all think I'm a fatass, I have taken probably 20 mall walks. It's just that our mall stinks like nasty, greasy Chinese food and it bugs me. Our mall is also lame and really small and there are only so many turns I want to make.

Nevertheless, we did take a walk yesterday even though it was only about 40 (hey, 40 is warm for us these days!). Here is Andrew in his Croozer (it's a bike trailer that converts to a jogging stroller; a side note, I am pissed that Amazon didn't have that color when we ordered ours, but oh well).

This image is also part of my 365 Challenge--this one was yesterday's. I am going to take 1 picture every day for 365 days (a Flickr project). Today I'm on day 3. There is now a link in my sidebar if you would like to view this ongoing dealio. I won't bore you by posting every day's pic on my blog, but may share a few.

Oh, and I ordered a new camera to replace my 4 year old DSLR. I am getting a Canon Rebel XTi which is a 10.1 MP DSLR (the one I have now is 6.3). It's factory refurbished from Canon, which doesn't scare me in the least since my hubby ordered our HD camcorder and you couldn't even tell. In fact, some say that when you're getting a refurb, it is looked at much more closely than a new item. I ordered just the body because the 18-55mm lens I have now will be compatible. I am also ordering a 50mm 1.8 prime lens that will allow me to do some mean portraits. From the images I've seen online taken with this lens, the bokeh is amazing.


Catie said...

I could go for some 40's then we would definitely be out for walks (blizzard right now, gotta love WI). Although if the weather clears enough for me to make it to my dietician appt tomorrow Lex and I will mall walk since I just bought a new stroller for him that I love. Don't feel bad about the walks at least you are active, you are so my role model!

Cassie Channell said...

Hi, I am an avid lurker.. LOL.. I found you through various web md mommy's blogs. Anyways, I am not a photographer by any means but love taking pictures and am wanting to get a "super camera" not just a normal digital camera. Is the one you just got one you would recommend or since I am just an amateur do you have a better suggestion? TIA!

Sarah said...

Yes, I would recommend the camera. You really can't go wrong with either a Canon or a Nikon. Both of them make amazing entry-level SLRs. The reason why I go with Canon is because I've always had Canons and the lenses are cheaper than Nikon's lenses. You can read a ton of reviews on either Amazon or dpreview.com. :)

Rachel said...

Girl, I think you're thinking of someone else!