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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Blood draw

I had my beta and progesterone draw this morning just before 8:00 a.m.

I just heard from the lab. My HcG is at 33 and my Progesterone is at 15.9. She said she has to review it with the doctor, and she was just giving me the numbers. After Dr. D looks at them, she can then let me know if we will be supplementing with Progesterone. This Amanda lady said my numbers were borderline. I reminded her of 2 losses in less than a year, so hopefully they will just prescribe it since it doesn't hurt anything.

I have a re-draw scheduled for Thursday morning, so I'm praying the beta goes up. Last time around, my Progesterone was at 15 at this point too......but then again, the loss didn't occur until 8 weeks, so I think there's time. I'm still nervous. I'm 13dpo today. Today's test was darker than yesterday's so that's promising...

Cross everything you have for me!!! Thank you....


Catie said...

You and the bean are in my prayers honey. Definitely ask for the progesterone and if they won't give it to you gimme a call. :) I'll share if I have to.

Sarah said...

Thanks, Cate. I'm so nervous. I'm trying to think things over. My BFN on Sunday would be 48 hours before this morning. It was on an FRER, and my positive on the Equate that afternoon was pretty faint. If my hcg is at 33 today, then it would have been roughly 15 on Sunday...surely, today, I would get a BFP on an FRER, so that means the numbers are up. I just hope they're doubling.


Birdee said...

From my FF due date board, we marked everyone’s HCG levels on our roll call.
This is what I show in HCG ranges.
12dpo ranged from 12 & 218
14dpo ranged from 20 - 194
(Remember, these are different women on all these days)
19dpo ranged from 64-4662

And these are successful pregnancies.

Just thought I'd give you that bit of info so you can see that 33 is a great number.
My fingers are crossed for you that those numbers keep doubling.

Birdee said...

HOLY COW! I just saw your ticker.
3w6d!! How freaking cute!! Your so early.
I have tons of hope for you =D

Sarah said...

Thank you, thank you, Birdee...that gives me hope. You have brought me so much comfort with your words! ;) Love ya!!!

Morgan Owens said...

Goodluck Sarah!! I'm keep my fingers crossed for you and sending you ~TONS~ of dicky vibes!

Morgan Owens said...

Dicky vibes?? LMAO! Oops! STICKY vibes!! :)

Kaci said...

Oh my! Congrats and good luck. Sticky vibes coming your way. Be firm with the doctor if you have to!

Molly said...