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Friday, June 26, 2009

I'm better today.

Whew! I am easy-going 95% of the time. I'm almost always calm--I think it's just my personality.

I forgot to tell you guys that two mornings ago, Clifford (yes, the kids' show) made me tear up! In the intro, when it says, "Clifford needed Emily, so he chose her for his own...", I got all teary-eyed. It's so sweet! Clifford went from this tiny puppy in her hands to the big dog we all know him as now. All because of her love. How precious is that? ♥

I never really got hormonal with Andrew, so this is a new experience!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness this just made me giggle! Crazy the things hormones make us do/feel, huh? ;-)

Birdee said...

I was so emotional in the beginning too. Gosh I can't remember what commercial I was sobbing over, but I think I blogged about it. Yeah, probably a Gum commercial.