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Thursday, June 25, 2009


I really hate the fact that plastic wrap never fucking fits around a standard dinner plate. It's so stupid! why doesn't someone fucking invent a wider roll?! It would make life easier.

Yes, I think I'm officially a hormonal bitch. I started freaking out at the plate as I was trying to put some pizza in the fridge. It was fucking ripping and I wanted to break things. I never act like this.

I am blaming the progesterone supplement because I never get this annoyed!


Catie said...

It's most likely that progesterone supplement, I get the same way when I take it.

Rachel said...

Your label made me snort.

I'm always like that, wtf? I've never taken progesterone. I am just a bitch.

Try that press & seal stuff. I love that it doesn't bunch up and stick together.

Birdee said...

LMFAO!! Sorry, I totally relate, but I can laugh when it's not me.
I bitch because they dont make plates fit the plastic wrap. WTF do we need round plates for? Our cupboards and fridges are NOT round!! (Yes I'm aware they sell square dishes, but I'm pregnant and it only annoys me now).
Oh and I LOVE your lable for this post. F*M*I*T*A* (Still LMFAO!)
I ♥ You.

Lesslie said...

Press and seal is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better. I should own a stock of it. that's how much we buy/use it in this house. and it keeps the food fresher. and it can be reused. so if you take a piece of pizza out. it will re-stick. you can't do that with plastic wrap.

Sorry the progesterone makes you crabby. At least you're not naturally bitchy like I am =D