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Monday, October 26, 2009

Back from the appointment!

The fundal height is at 23 cm, which is perfect because I'll be 23 weeks on Wednesday. The heartrate was around 140 (yay for her measuring it!). I have gained 18 lbs total, but that includes the regaining of 8 lbs that I initially lost due to morning sickness.

I got a "talking to" for refusing the flu shots. Oh well. I am not buying into the fear and hype. My immune system has an excellent track record, I eat healthy, I have upped my Vitamin D, and I gargle twice daily (it can prevent the proliferation of H1N1, which starts in your throat 2-3 days before you show symptoms). Oh yeah, and I have obsessive compulsive handwashing disorder which in turn means I wash my hands so many times a day I can't even count (at work, I wash them in the bathroom and again when I get out because after I wash my hands, I have then touched both the key and the bathroom door handle--thankfully there's a sinkroom just outside the bathroom door).

The doctor mentioned that if I come in to deliver and I have the flu, they are talking about taking the baby away from the mother and putting the baby in isolation. I would be allowed to pump milk but not have contact with my baby. Um yeah, okay. I'll leave the effing hospital before I let that happen.

Nobody in the medical profession belives in natural immunity anymore. I'm also probably an outcast with my "crunchier" ways of thinking; it is not the norm around here at all.


Catie said...

That is just nuts about taking the baby away if you have the flu! I am only sorta crunchy and even I know that the best thing would be to still have baby be able to be with mom and breastfeed.

Musical Daddy said...

Just wear a mask. That's all. Wear a gown with a feeding hole cut in it. The baby would be fine.

Jen said...

Glad everything went well with your visit.

I'm not falling for the "You had better get the flu shot" advice either.

I got it about 10 years ago and have never been so sick in my life. No way...I'm not ever getting it again. Like you I wash my hands about a million times a day and also have a pretty good immune system. I also eat well, work out everyday and take Vitamins and extra Vitamin C every day.

Keep healthy!

Shannon said...

Sounds like you had a really good visit. I also think they are going a little overboard with the whole vaccination thing.

Good luck trying to take a newborn baby away from its mother! I don't think that would go over very well. It sounds like you have taken all necessary precautions. More than most people.

nancy said...

Congrats on the good measurements!

Jennifer said...

I'm a lurker...but I did get both flu shots. Of course, I'm a teacher and it is spreading very quickly around the school. I've also heard that if you get the flu shot while you are pregnant that you pass antibodies to the baby which would protect the baby for the first few months of life.

Of course I feel that everyone can evaluate their own risk and decide for themselves whether they get it or not. I know my risks are VERY high so I went for it.

Kaci said...

OMG! I cannot believe they would try to scare you into having the shot by threatening to take your baby away. That is NUTS!