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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Also, for those who care...

It WAS the dairy causing the uber explosive, nasty poops. We cut dairy out of Andrew's diet when I made that post a couple weeks ago and now we are happy to report normal, solid toddler poo.

I know you were all waiting in anticipation... :)

But thanks for all the advice, and I have to credit Musical Daddy for suggesting the dairy.


Morgan Owens said...

Thaaaaanks, I couldn't wait to hear on the poop update! LOL! :) Glad you guys figured it out though!

Molly said...

Not surprising, considering what having it in my diet does to my babies.

And, in retrospect, I wonder if dairy in your diet impacted him as an infant. Probably want to try reducing it/eliminating it for Baby Girl when she is nursing.

Although how can you live in Wisconsin and not eat cheese...?

Sarah said...

Ah yes, Mol. I am definitely thinking it could have had a lot to do with his reflux. I feel bad now, but he didn't reflux every feeding and I did eat a lot of dairy, as I always have...if it turns out the same thing happens with Baby Girl, I am DEFINITELY cutting dairy out first.

I can do it--the hardest thing would be watching out for what foods dairy is hidden in.

Musical Daddy said...

w00t for me!

Hey, the law of probability says that I had to get one at some point... an infinite number of monkeys at an infinite number of typewriters will eventually produce the complete works of Shakespeare, and I am nothing but a monkey on a typewriter. 8)

Sarah said...

lol at your reply on musical daddy's blog about andrew pooping in the corner. Wondering tho- what if you put the potty in that corner?

Anyways- YAY for solid stinky toddler poo!