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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Andrew loves toast: a cute dialogue...

Every morning he wants a piece of toast (or two) with grape jelly. The conversation goes like this...

Andrew: "Toast?"
Mom: "Sure, honey. Let's go make it."

Head to kitchen to prepare toast...

Andrew: "Cook it?"
Mom: "Yep, we'll cook it. Let mom put it in the toaster."

Andrew whines a little because the toaster takes you know, more than a second to make the toast...

A minute or so later, the toast pops out, eliciting a squeal of delight from Andrew...

Andrew: "Butter?"
Mom: "Yep, Mom is putting butter on the toast."
Andrew: "Wife?"
Mom: "Yep, with a knife."
Andrew: "Sauce?"

("Sauce" is Andrew's word for jelly)

Mom: "Yep, we'll put the sauce on next."
Andrew: "Cut?"
Mom: "Yep, Mom will cut the toast for you."

Andrew happily takes his plate into the living room so he can enjoy watching Super Why with his toast.

Andrew: "Mmm...good".

A side note from Daddy: one time Dad handed Andrew a piece of bread and Andrew handed it back saying, "cook".
Also, last night we were at TJ Maxx. Andrew was in the front of the cart and I grabbed a couple pairs of warm winter socks. Anyway, we walked past the undergarments section and Andrew yelled, "BOOBIES!!!" when he saw the bras. LOL, it was within hearing range of this other young couple and the girl was laughing for like five minutes. It was so funny!


Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Too cute!!

Sarah said...

so cute! leave it to dad to not cook it first!