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Friday, December 11, 2009

Flickr Friday...

This is my little man enjoying his time on the potty seat with the blow dryer. Yes, it was the only way I could keep him on there. I am taking baby steps with potty training--he has to get used to the seat and hopefully the rest will follow. You are all probably aware of his fascination with his friend, "Blow Dry". :) This photo is the burden of proof (no lovies or special blankies for him; he wants nothing to do with them).

This is my hubby shoveling the driveway before I left for work on Wednesday. We got 17" total, as I mentioned before. It came in as the 6th biggest snowfall for us. The #1 slot is filled by the Blizzard of February, 2007, when we got 20". I remember it well because I was pregnant with Andrew and it was snowing for DH's birthday on 2/25. He was out shoveling and it was thundering--he almost got struck by some horizontal, purple lightning. Crazy!

And finally, this is an ornament my mother gave to Andrew. It's so cool--it lights up and changes colors from blue, green, yellow, white, to red.


Sarah said...

LOL- really loud!!!

that photo of him on the potty with blow dry is to die for funny!!!!

did DH have to shovel all that snow? yikes! we have a friend w/ a plow on his truck and we pay him $15 a snowfall for plowing. 100% worth it since Chris gets called in to plow often.

Sarah said...


DH shoveled 5 times. He wanted to keep up with it so he started during the day on Tuesday and did it before he went to bed so he only had to shovel twice on Wednesday. It's okay--he needs something to keep himself occupied. LOL.

sanjeet said...

100% worth it since Chris gets called in to plow often.

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