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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sorry I have been MIA!

The holidays were busy, as holidays tend to be. We kept Christmas morning low-key at our house--from Santa, Andrew got several books, a few DVDs, a doodle board (you know, like an erasable one--it's like a Magna Doodle, but it's made by Parents), and an abacus. Yes, my son isn't into toys, but is a "geek" in the making, already. After that, we went to my mom's house, where we all proceeded to be spoiled with presents. She really went all out, even though all I told her I really needed was a big, fluffy robe for the hospital (I have never had a robe before!). I did get the robe, plus pajamas, plus we got a portable DVD player for trips, plus gift cards galore ($100 for a local grocery store, $50 for Friday's, $50 for Olive Garden, $50 for Subway, and $50 for Target). She is taking all of my siblings to Mexico in March and we won't be able to go because of well, having a new baby and whatnot, so she just wanted to get us something. Honestly, I would be happier if she saved her money because it makes me feel bad--she's all by herself paying a mortgage and half-raising my niece...anyway, she has a big heart and that's just how she is.

Back to reality. The tree came down the day after Christmas and got tossed into the yard (it's too hard to watch Andrew with it--he nearly strangled himself in the lights because he couldn't keep his hands off).

My cutie did play in the snow the other day!

I had my 32 week appointment yesterday with the midwife. You can skip this part if you don't want to read about the boring details of my routine appointments! Anyway, blood pressure was perfect, have gained 3 pounds in 2 weeks (yikes, but they said I'm doing perfect), and fundal height measured just over 31 cm (perfect, since I'm 32 weeks today). My midwife is so nice! We talked about gardening for like, 10 minutes because she found out my hubby is a big gardener and it took off from there (too bad DH doesn't tag along to the appointments). The heartbeat sounded just awesome--she sounds so BIG now! I am so happy that I'm measuring on track, because I wouldn't mind another cute 6 lb. baby (I'll take 7 lbs., but 9/10 lbs. frightens me!).

Also, she assured me that I can do this water birth and that I am a good candidate for it and that actually, only 4 out of 10 of their patients get an epidural, meaning 60% do not (I'm talking total deliveries, because obviously an epi isn't allowed w/water birth anyway). That gave me a lot of hope that hey--I, too, can do this.

I then met with the nurse to do the birth plan, and she gave me a pink, knitted hat--they have some volunteers that make them for all the new moms!

Finally, I met with another lady who did my pre-registration. I'm all set!

8 weeks to go before Baby is here!

Here's a self-portrait maternity photo, entitled "Womb, Revisited" (a prior one I posted was from 22 weeks and this is from almost 32 weeks)...


Jen said...

I was starting to wonder where you had gone. Figured you were busy with Christmas and stuff. Glad your back!

Wow...all the gift cards were great! You can eat at Subway forever on $50!!

Love the picture!!

nancy said...

Wow. Check you out! (i'm still so ultra jealous!)

Glad you had a good xmas. And that book andrew has was the girls FAVORITE book when learning words. :)

Elana Kahn said...

Hehehe...I got twins because transferring two embryos is better than one. :-D

Btw, you are a hot pregnant chick.

Musical Daddy said...


The Boy has had a thing for bellies since The Wife was very pregnant. He loved snuggling up to her preggo-belly and rubbing it & talking to the baby. He still rubs the bellies of anyone with whom he's snuggling...

Sarah said...

Thank you, everyone! ;)

MD: Andrew loves to kiss my belly. After he's done looking at it, he will get mad if I pull my shirt over the belly. It's very sweet (I still don't think he gets that the baby will eventually come out and live with us, but we will deal with that when the time comes).