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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Appointment update!

It went well. The nurse told me I am one of those "picture-perfect pregnancies". That made me feel happy.

BP was 106/66 (I always run on the lower side of normal).

I gained 8 lbs. since my last appointment 5 weeks ago, but she didn't yell at me because she said I'm not swelling and that I was doing great and baby was measuring on track.

She also asked me if I was having any back pain or other discomfort and I said, "no--I am very comfortable". Hey, it's the truth! I have no complaints.

Fundal height was 27.5 cm, and I am 28 weeks tomorrow, so perfect.

The heartbeat was in the 140 range.

I drank the orange drink in less than a minute and had my blood drawn an hour later.

I talked to them about my plans for a waterbirth and she said she would want me to see a midwife instead of the doctor for at least a couple of appointments--in general, doctors do not attend the waterbirths, so she said a midwife would be by me the whole time (fine with me, because they are less likely to push pain relief and whatnot). I can take a class on it if I want to--it's just an hour long.

Other than that, not too much new!

Oh, as of right now they are not allowing any children to visit in the hospital, but she said we would see how things go as we get closer to February.


Jen said...

Glad everything went well.

I was really thinking about doing a water birth. I think it's so great for the baby and I've heard less pain for Mom too.

Birdee said...

Awesome about the water birth!
I truly am so excited for you and know you can do it!
I think for my next I may look into a water birth. It will be so much better (IMO) if you just know there aren't any pain meds around. I know for me as long as I was laboring at home and knew I didn't have access to drugs, I didn't even think about wanting them.

Morgan Owens said...

Where has time gone, you are due in February?!? Woowza!
I'm glad your appointment went well and all is ok!! I can't wait to see pics of this little booger!! :)