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Sunday, November 23, 2008

7 up

7 up!

7 things I can do...
1. Play the flute
2. Dance and not care if I look stupid
3. Fix the copier at work when nobody else can
4. Swallow my tongue
5. Draw
6. Walk really far, really fast
7. Remember dates and other crazy number details without trying.

7 things I can't do...
1. Bake (no desire)
2. French braid
3. Find my way around a new city
4. Stand on my head
5. Run for very long periods of time
6. Sew
7. Have the fan on while I sleep

7 things I always say...
1. "Andrew, do you want to watch your movie?" (Animal Adventures...he loves it)
2. "Boo?" (asking Dragon if he wants to eat)
3. "Andrew, do you want some nums?" (asking Dragon if he wants something to eat)
4. "Andrew, don't touch that!" (Andrew going for our computer cords)
5. "Andrew, NO!" (Andrew attempting to tear the plastic that is over our window--winterizing, for those of you not from the arctic).
6. "Andrew, don't bang on the birds' cages!" (this needs no explanation)
7. "Airplane!" (we live by the airport and Andrew loves planes)

7 things I always eat...
1. Yogurt (must be Brown Cow)--100% agree, Rachel! This is my favorite. Especially the whole milk Strawberry stuff....yum!
2. Cheese
3. Chili (this seems to be our favorite family dish)
4. Homemade spaghetti (because the shit in the can cannot compare to Daddy's homemade)
5. Dove milk chocolate (although I am eating much less now, to cut caffeine out)
6. Breakfast bars (can't think of the brand, but they are really good cherry ones)
6. Oranges
7. Homemade bread-- Daddy has this mean recipe he got from America's Test Kitchen. It is delish!

7 People I tag...
--Anyone who is reading this and/or who has a blog!--

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nancy said...

Yup yup, it definitely is getting darker :)