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Friday, November 7, 2008

Oh yeah!

I almost forgot. My new laptop arrived on Tuesday. It's identical to the hubby's--a Dell Latitude D420. I ordered it off Ebay, and it was eligible for LiveCash so I'll get $135 back in cash (they're offering some deal right now; you just have to sign-up for an account at Microsoft Live...read about the deal on FatWallet)! The computer was $530.44 with shipping (shipping was $17.97 and I paid the $2.50 insurance, just because it's a computer), so my cost after CashBack will be about $400. Not bad for a computer that still has remaining warranty. My other one was just too slow and bulky. I love this one because it has a 12" screen. It's also really lightweight and part of the computer is made of metal instead of plastic.

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