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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thank you, everyone!

Thanks for the congratulations. We are so happy right now, and I am hoping this time the bean sticks. I had a blood draw yesterday to do a pregnancy test (like I didn't already know, but they insisted, and a Progesterone level). The test came back + and the Progesterone is at 15. The nurse said that's an average number--I'm right in the middle. She said I was early (yesterday was 3w4d), and they normally don't do this blood draw until a little later--more like 4 weeks or later. I'm trying not to be too concerned. I did carry Andrew to term without a hitch, so I'm hoping this bean is just as strong.

I'm dead tired, so that's good. I'm slightly hungrier than normal. I've peed a little bit more than normal. I've had a few pulsing cramps, sporadically. The breasts are maybe slightly enlarged, but I'm still nursing too...so I don't think they had to inflate too much. Other than that, I have no symptoms. No sick feelings. No boob pains. Not licking the palms. (That last one was just a random thought I had).

With that, I guess just positive thoughts needed! I need to get a little further along before I stop worrying. Last time the spotting started at 15dpo, and continued through that weekend. The miscarriage started that following Monday.

Oh yeah, after I talked to the nurse, she put me through to the appointment desk. My first appointment is December 22nd, and that is with the nurse. We just go through my medical history (really, they can just copy my answers from last time if they want). It's not a "real" appointment. My first real appointment with my midwife is on January 21st. It's a 12 week appointment (which is standard if you're not considered "high-risk"...no early ultrasounds or heartbeat appointments here). I will hopefully get to hear the heartbeat for the first time on January 21st. Gosh, it sounds so far away!

In the meantime, I will be doing mandatory peeing on a stick every 2 days.


Kaci said...

I'll be thinking positive, sticky thoughts for you. Good luck!

mommiex4_2008 said...

*waves* Hi, Sarah & Andrew. =)