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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Image overload! :)

All right, so I have had a lot of cute pictures lately and as they start to build up on my camera, I feel the need to update my Photobucket; and consequently, my blog. So here they are. Enjoy!
Here's looking at you, kid...

Andrew loves to crawl all over Daddy and/or the couch. I caught this moment on film. I love it! :) Every morning, after he watches me get ready for work (he loves the blow dryer), Andrew rushes out to say good morning to Daddy. He goes straight for the nose and puts his mouth over it. Apparently it's how he kisses (so cute).

Ah, this one. I bought him a winter hat and when we were in the store, the two of us could not stop laughing. I put it back on him when we got home so I could get a picture of it.
Just a random of him...
I told Daddy to hold Andrew like a baby, so he did. :) They both got a kick out of it.

In the carseat. He loves car rides.
He was being super cute this day, so I went crazy with the camera.


Sarah said...

You really know you're from wisconsin when.... you met DH while deer hunting.

I didnt go hunting last year (big, massive and pregnant... peed alot too), and I am opting not to go again this year to spend more time with my little man.

So, I have dial up still- cant way to view the pictures tomorrow at work! In the mean time, I smell poopy pants.

Birdee said...

He is so precious, I love the "fuzzy head" phase. They look so angelic.

nancy said...

I'm so behind! Cute pictures, definitely. Is he feeling better yet?

Rachel said...

I don't know how I missed this post! He is so cute! He's starting to look more like a little boy and less like a baby though. :( Why do they have to do that?

Kaci said...

He is so cute!

Catie said...

He's such a doll! I love how he hams it up. Not to mention the green bay stuff, gotta love green bay!