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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


are good!!!!!!!!!!!!

Progesterone is at 25. Up from 15 last week. I am so right now! I am also crying tears of joy. This is a HUGE weight lifted off my shoulders. My bean is sticking, my levels are rising! At this point last time, I was just starting to spot, and in another 2 days, the m/c had started. This is so GREAT!!!! LOL, it was the RN for my midwife, and she said she had to wait until she was back in tomorrow, so she said, "All I can tell you is that your numbers are good, and they are above where we like them to be....and you're at 25". Which means, in 5 days it rose 10 points...so in my opinion, that's good! Not that I'm an expert, or anything.


rocket.queen. said...

Those are AWESOME numbers!!!! <3 I am so excited for you!

nancy said...