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Saturday, February 21, 2009

10 Quirks about you

I was tagged by Nancy for the "10 Quirks about You" Meme (among other awards, but I'm just going to do this one)

Forward it on to 10 other bloggers (see end of post) and obviously, give your list of 10 quirks.

1. I think things are aesthetically pleasing in odd numbers (groups of 3, 5, and 7), but when I'm stocking up on something, I have to get an even number (2 or 4 bags of something).

2. I have a photographic memory and if you tell me your birthday, I can't NOT remember it. Also, when I see my friends I automatically associate their birthdays with their faces someplace in the back of my mind.

3. I have a calendar in my head and it's very hard to explain, but I've had it for as long as I can remember. It's a big oval and if you were looking at a clock, June would be where the "12" is and December is where the "6" is. June is on top. The only thing is, my calendar is more of an oval than a circle. If you say a date, it has a certain spot on the calendar that I visualize as you say the date. My sister says I'm weird, but this seems very logical and normal to me.

4. I am a freak about my hands. I hate it when someone grabs my pen off my desk at work to borrow it, because then I feel that I must sanitize it (if it's someone I think would have bad handwashing practices). I also wash my hands after shaking hands with people, particularly smokers. I feel like the residue will get on my hands, even if I can't see it.

5. I clench my jaw a lot when I'm driving. I have no idea why.

6. When organizing my money in my wallet, I have to have the largest bills on bottom in order with the smallest on top. They also have to be facing the right way (no upside down ones). The older style money goes below the new more colorful money. I also try to use up the older style money first to get it out of my purse.

7. I iron my jeans. For some reason, this is weird to some people. I also love it when my jeans are nice and hard out of the wash. I hate when they get that "soft" feeling to them.

8. I have to do everything in the same order with my morning and evening routines (getting ready for work and getting ready for bed). It would drive me nuts; for instance, if at bedtime I brushed my teeth BEFORE taking out my contacts. I always take my contacts out first so that there is no chance of getting a speck of toothpaste in them.

9. I walk very, very fast. I've been told this by numerous people, but I don't feel I have the ability to walk slow.

10. I have a freakishly long tongue--I can put it down my throat and I can touch my nose with it. I once saw a girl on Letterman who had a tongue as long as mine. Pretty freaky! Here is a pic, because you have to see it to believe it...

By most of my quirks, one would gather that I may have OCD, but from what I've gathered, as long as it doesn't affect your life in a negative way, there's no need for concern. I think I'm fine. Really.

Now, for the passing on. I tag, in no particular order: Rachel , Sarah , Cate , Molly , Jennifer , Jewels , Shannon , Jessi , and Lesslie.


Rachel said...

Holy tongue. Do you have that connector thingie under your tongue?

Sarah said...

omg, your tongue scares me.

Sarah said...


Thats amazing. I am tongue tied, therefore my tongue barely makes it out of my mouth. =) It serves its purpose, but man you're tongue is way cool! lol

(came over from Aprils blog)