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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Andrew is so darn cute...

We spent Valentine's Day together, the three of us. (The truth is it's hard for us to find a sitter, but I digress...I can't think of a better way to spend V-Day than with my two valentines).

Anyway, I'm engrossed watching 48 Hours: Live to Tell (a new take on 48 Hours: Mystery). Rob is on his computer and he's muching on some Cinnamon Toast Cruch (it's actually Organic Cinammon Crunch make by Cascadian Farm--very delicious and actually cheaper than the name brand stuff). Andrew takes a couple and then he walks over to me and puts one in my mouth. I chew it and he says, "Num Num..." with a huge grin on his face. Oh my God. This boy of mine gets cuter all the time. I then asked him to get me another one and he did the same thing.

Oh, and earlier tonight, we stopped by my mom's house and Andrew had a blast playing with the dog. She has a long-coated German Shepherd named Bailey. She's the sweetest thing--she's 7 years old and a pretty lazy dog, but she loves kids. Anyway, I was throwing pieces of cereal to her (see a theme here? At her house, she had Cap'n Crunch though) and Andrew was laughing HYSTERICALLY as Bailey would jump for the treats and chomp them down. So, I handed a couple pieces to Andrew and he then threw them to Bailey, laughing the entire time. It was one of those gut laughs too, where he could hardly contain himself.

Oh no, I just realized something. To Andrew, feeding the dog is just as entertaining as feeding Mommy...

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nancy said...

heh. Yup, I agree - so darn cute!

A big ~hugs~ to tell you how much I always appreciate your comments. I'm behind, so behind. Hope it's going to get better now.