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Thursday, February 26, 2009

100th Post!

I'm going to make it a Photo Post because these latest pictures of Andrew are just so cute.

Rob and I went out to eat, just the two of us, to celebrate his 30th birthday. We went to the Olive Garden because we had a $50 gift card for there. It was very nice to be able to sit down and talk without having to entertain Andrew. I love him more than anything, but he is really hard to eat out with. :) I had my mom baby-sit him, and she called my sister over too because she hadn't seen Andrew since Christmas. Apparently Andrew wouldn't talk the whole time, and he kept pouting (bottom lip way out). He was in the high chair having supper (he ate a lot, so that's good) when the door opened and my sister came in. Andrew got a huge smile on his face, and then as she got closer, he started bawling. :( The poor thing thought I was back. So anyway, when we finally got back (we were only gone a little over an hour), as soon as I came in the door he looked at me and started crying (how could you do this to me, mom?) so I held him for awhile, and then we hung out there for to play. Andrew was being his silly self, goofing off and making all of us laugh. I have such a little momma's boy, but part of it--I think, has to do with the age he's at.


Anonymous said...

Omg how cute, I LOVE his sweet blond hair!!

Molly said...

We rather enjoy taking our boy out to eat. It is a little tricky if service is slow but we have a good time. Best time to go out to eat with little ones is breakfast--ever do that? So much fun.

Sarah said...

No, we've never gone out to breakfast as a family, unless you count hotel continental breakfast. :) Come to think of it, DH and I have never once gone out to breakfast in all of 11 years being together!