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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Recovering from the plague...

I feel so much better now.I had to call in to work today because I woke up with -TMI ALERT- diarrhea and sharp pains in my stomach. I also had a lovely migraine. I tried a couple times to stand up and just bite the bullet and get ready, and it's a good thing I stayed home because it got worse throughout the day!

A side note: I RARELY call in to work. In the 4.5 years I've been there, I have only called in 3 times. All three times have been for the GI bug like I had today. So, at least I'm not the boy who cried wolf and people know I MUST be sick if I'm gone.

Anyway, I didn't eat anything all day. I didn't drink anything because all we had was water. DH left me at 9:00 to go up to his brother's land with his nephew. Let's just say Andrew watched a lot of movies. I did read him some books from the couch, but it was hard to walk around. I couldn't stand up all the way straight (you know how that happens when you're sick? weird). At least I didn't throw up. I think I'm going to have bedsores from laying on the couch all day. For some reason my hands and legs have been tingling all day--could be from either dehydration (doubt it) or maybe my iron is really low or something--didn't take my iron today.

Finally, DH came home around 5:00. A couple hours ago I had him get me some popsicles (the really yummy Dole real fruit ones... YUM), and I've eaten three of those so far. I also drank a big glass of orange juice (had him get me 2 big jugs of juice--ooh alliteration).

Anyway! That's what went on in our house today. I would rather have been at work.

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